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School is in session

It's that time of the year again. School is back in session and those big yellow school buses are back on the road. Some in the canyon are apparently unaware of the law when it comes to passing a school bus. It is in your best interest to be aware of it since violations can result in penalties of up to $1,000 and a 1 year drivers license suspension. It could also trigger an increase in your automobile insurance.

Setting the Record Straight

In recent months the Lompico Community Center (LCC) has been under attack by a small, very vocal, group of Lompico residents. Many of whom are not LCC members and have not contributed anything to the LCC or its operation. They enjoy the benefits but contribute nothing. Instead of being productive and doing things to steer the LCC in a direction that is more in line with what they want, they've decided to be destructive and are working to damage the reputation of LCC and of those who have donated thier time to its operation.

Work Crew in the Park - November 18

There will be a group of students from Ponderosa High School and Green Career Center working in, and around, Lompico Park on Friday, November 18th.

One of the projects for the day is to trim the saplings along the side of Carrol Ave.

To avoid injuring anyone, please use caution when driving through the area and give the workers plenty of space.



2016 Halloween Bash

2016 Annual Creek Cleanup

The Lompico Community Center, in association with Save Our Shores,

is pleased to announce the 2016 Annual Lompico Creek Cleanup

Saturday, September 17th
9:00am - Noon
Lompico Park


Bring Gloves

Coffee, Donuts & Lunch will be served

The cleanup will be followed by a general membership meeting

The Lompico Community Center Presents Fall Fling in the Park

Instead of our regular Halloween Bash we will be holding a BBQ in the park one week before Halloween.

The LCC will provide Burgers, Dogs and Drinks. Attendees are asked to bring a side dish to share.

We are looking for volunteers to help plan, setup and run the event. Donations of candy, prizes and other items are also needed.
There will be a planning meeting on Thursday, October 15th, 6:00pm, at the park.

Creek Clean Up

Just wanted to give out a big THANK YOU to everyone that showed up this year to help with the creek clean up including the high school and elementary kids.

And to A+ Construction for donating a dumpster.

We couldn't have done it without you!


Shirley Davis, Secretary
The Lompico Community Center

Event Volunteers Needed

The LCC has two upcoming events which we need volunteers for:

Creek Clean-up - Saturday, October 3

  • Promotion (making signs)
  • Food and Info table support
  • Workers
    • Pick up garbage along Lompico Rd and creek
    • Load and unload trucks
    • Transfer garbage to trailers to be taken to landfill
  • Trucks w/driver (
    • Collect garbage from workers and bring back to park
    • Transport workers to assigned section

Fall Fling - Saturday, October 24

Vandalism in the Park

LCC volunteers have been hard at work this year cleaning up the park and making improvements as the budget permits.

We operate under a VERY tight budget and have to make every dollar count. When things in the park are intentionally vandalized we often have to remove the item because the money to replace it just isn't there. This is not fair to the community and very frustrating to the volunteers that are trying to keep the park nice.

In the past few months:

Do not pass this....


Passing a school bus while its red lights are flashing is against the law. The fine if you are caught can exceed $1,000 and cause your insurance rates to go up. You could also loose your drivers license for a year.

The lights indicate that there are children boarding or exiting the bus. A child could suddenly run across the street and be struck by your vehicle when passing and YOU would be at fault.

With Daylight Savings coming up it will be even harder to see them in the morning.

Please slow down when driving past the park.

California Vehicle Code, Section 22454 - Schoolbus Meeting and Passing