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New Lompico Dam Is Proposed

May 9, 1940 - Santa Cruz Sentinel


Plans to clean out the Lompico Improvement Club's swimming pool and remodel the dam on Lompico creek to avoid some of the damage inflicted by high waters every winter, were laid at a meeting of the club's emergency committee Tuesday night.

A wooden dam supported by concrete bases on either side and by heavy posts in the middle was deemed the solution to the annual problem.

The wooden dam would be removed in winter to allow swollen Lompico creek to move through without depositing rocks and debris in the pool backed up by the dam.

The committee agreed to call for bids on the dam job and, after it is completed, to clean out the large pool with a tractor.

Committee chairman is Paul Weisinger.

The Improvement club and Lompico Water company will hold general meetings May 19.