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Lompico Area Residents Ask Escape Road

Friday, July 5, 1963 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Lompico Area Residents Ask Escape Road

Forty-seven Lompico area residemts, believing they would be trapped without an exit route during a forest fire, have petitioned the board of supervisors to open upa fire trail for public access.

They claim the fire road existed for many years as a public emergency road. However, it recently was barricaded with a padlocked gate by a property owner outside the immediate Lompico area.

The road in question is from the end of West drive, over the grade, and into Ben Lomond. It would be used if a forest fire in the neighboring Zayante area blocked off Lompico road. Lompico road is the only thoroughfare in and out of the area now.

The Lompico residents say lack of an emergency exit route has become even more dangerous with the opening of Loch Lomond reservior recreation area.

The access road to the reservoir is off Lompico road. The access road dead ends.

The petition was presented to supervisors Monday. The turned it over to County Counsel Bill Card to review and report back on what might be done.