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Felton Gets House Numbers

Tuesday, February 10, 1970 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Felton Gets House Numbers

A big hurdle in the road to city type of postal service was cleared by Felton in 1969 when house numbers were issued to patrons of the Felton Post Office.

By accepting Santa Cruz County's house numbering system and eliminating rural box numbers from addresses, the valley's oldest town met one of the Post Office Department's requirements for city delivery service.

Town boosters are confident Felton will not take as long to meet the population requirements as it took to meet the house numbering requirements - 101 years.

The house numbering began on May 16, and use of rural route box numbers was discontinued July 1.

"With few exceptions, all the houses now have numbers," Felton Postmaster Ken Burke said. Although rural route box numbers had been used here for so many years, the switch to the use of house numbers and streets in addresses was accomplished with relatively few problems."

Biggest advantage of the house number system, Burke said, is that it has eliminated the inconsistancy of the numbering system previously used.

"Previously," Burke elaborated, "any new delivery personnel found it almost impossible to satisfactorily deliver the mail on the rural routes. It seemed to me as a new postmaster that this should be corrected."

Until city postal service is obtained, however, Burke said, the local post office still serves its patrons as in the olden days, by delivering mail on two rural routes and requiring town residents and business people to pick up their mail in boxes at the post office.

"City service is especially wanted who now have to come to the post office for their mail," Burke said.

Felton is the first valley town to adopt the house numbering system, but its pioneering efforts weren't nearly as rugged as had been supposed.

"We had wonderful cooperation from the county planning department and public works department," Burke said. "And the Pacific Telephone Co. gave us a big assist by voluntarily taking over much of the house numbering work. They're still working, in fact, to make sure all the houses are numbered.

The Felton post office makes 2000 deliveries at present either to rural route or station boxes. It serves the Felton area from Glengarry Road to Brackney Bridge and all of Lompico and Zayante valleys.