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Vandalism in the Park

LCC volunteers have been hard at work this year cleaning up the park and making improvements as the budget permits.

We operate under a VERY tight budget and have to make every dollar count. When things in the park are intentionally vandalized we often have to remove the item because the money to replace it just isn't there. This is not fair to the community and very frustrating to the volunteers that are trying to keep the park nice.

In the past few months:

  • The teak benches (generously donated by two of our Lompico neighbors in the 1990's) were torn apart for use as fire wood.
  • A picnic table bench and tree table were torn off for use as fire wood.
  • A sign that was recently installed in the bus shelter (asking people to help keep the park clean) was vandalized and now has to be replaced.
  • Kids climbed up on top of the bus shelter and started ripping shingles off the roof and throwing them in the creek. The shelter and bathroom structures had just been re-shingled a couple months before.
  • potato chips (and other foreign objects) being put in the money slots of the soda machine. This takes away an important revenue stream for the LCC.
  • Electrical boxes damaged

Past vandalism that we have not had the money to repair:

  • Bathroom. Rocks and dirt were poured down the plumbing vents causing drains to back up. The toilet was repeatedly vandalized causing the holding tank to fill up. We had to have it pumped 3 times (~$300 each time) in a 6 month period (Normally we would need to pump it once every several years). We had to close the bathroom until there was money to purchase commercial fixtures and make other modifications.
  • Lighting. Whenever we try to put up lighting to help deter vandalism the lights are destroyed.
  • Bulletin Board. Built by a past board member, this nice looking bulletin board was destroyed within a couple months. All that's left is a single 4x4 post next to the bridge.


Lompico park is owned and maintained by the Lompico Community Center. It is not a publicly owned park.

The LCC receives no money from city, state or fedaral government. All income comes from donations, the soda machine, grants, and fund raising events. Our budget is under $5,000 per year. Insurance, electricity, and water take a good size chunk of that and leaves little for these unexpected expenses.

We ask for your help in reducing the senseless damage that's being done to our park.

If you see someone damaging something, please say something. Tell them to stop, or report it to the sheriff or one of the board members. Photos are also really helpfull in identifying who is doing it so we can take steps to make sure it doesn't happen again.

Speak to your children and explain how vandalism hurts the whole community.

Shirley Davis, our volunteer crossing guard in the mornings (school days between 7 and 8), is also the LCC secretary. You can report any vandalism, suggestions, and safety concerns to her and she will pass it on to the rest of the board. You can also call and leave a voicemail, drop a note in our mailbox (across from the bus stop) or use the web site contact form.




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