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Event Volunteers Needed

The LCC has two upcoming events which we need volunteers for:

Creek Clean-up - Saturday, October 3

  • Promotion (making signs)
  • Food and Info table support
  • Workers
    • Pick up garbage along Lompico Rd and creek
    • Load and unload trucks
    • Transfer garbage to trailers to be taken to landfill
  • Trucks w/driver (
    • Collect garbage from workers and bring back to park
    • Transport workers to assigned section

Fall Fling - Saturday, October 24

  • Promotion (making signs)
  • Organization
    • Plan/implement games, contests, auctions, etc. for event
  • Setup / Teardown
  • Food
    • Cooking
    • Serving
  • Workers
    • Run games
    • Cooking (grill)
    • Prepare/Serve food
  • Cleanup


Please contact a board member, or leave a note here, if you can help.