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LCC Transparency - Publish Annual Report and Newletter to Donors/Membership


LCC should publish and mail an annual report to its membership and donors. I have donated annually, but have always been in the dark with regard to what the LCC did with this money. I am sure there's a lot of good that comes of it, just unsure what that is.

I wish we could do a lot more. The money just isn't there.

LCC's annual budget is only $2,000 - $3,000. Water, pg&e and insurance takes a big chunk of that. What little is left we try to put towards park improvements and events. We don't really have the ~$200 each time for printing and postage.

There's also a shortage of people to do the work. Newsletters take a lot of time to create, print and mail.

I know that doesn't help but it's a balancing act. We can do improvements and events and not have the time & money to do newsletters. Or we can do newsletters and not have enything to put in it because there was no money to do anything.

This is the main reason we don't mail thank you's for memberships. That's just more cost and time that we don't have enough of already. So we focus on getting the most bang for the buck.