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Lompico Club burns down

1977 Center burned, club received $17,170. 00 fire insurance, petitioned county for money to rebuild. ( no money was received from county )

Monday, May 2, 1977 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Lompico Club Fire A 'Total'

A fire destroyed the old Lompico Club early Sunday morning, only two months after it had been closed down as a fire hazard.

Sheriff's detectives are investigating the blaze which may have been the work of arsonists, according to a sheriff's department spokesman.

There is a suspect in the case.

The blaze was reported about 5:30 a.m. Sunday - about one hour after the fire began, said the county fire marshal's office

Fireman battled the blaze, but could not save the old landmark, which was totally destroyed.

The club, with its swimming pool, had been a community center for almost 50 years.

Residents had used the club for arts and crafts classes, swimming, and drama.

The downstairs section of the club had always been used as a bar and restaurant. For a time, there was a grocery store at the center.

The club was closed in February after County Fire Marshal Mel Angel discovered a number of fire hazards in the club building. Deficiencies included poor wiring, improper fire exits and generally run-down condition.

Residents of the area had recently sought $10,000 in revenue sharing funds to restore the old club.

It is not known what caused the blaze, although sheriff's department reported there was a fire "accellerant" found in the building.

Investigation into the incident is continuing today.

There was no value set for the destroyed club.

Tuesday, May 3, 1977 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Lompico Club Fire An Arson

Investigation is continuing in the $80,000 fire at the Lompico Club, which has been labeled an arson.

Sheriff's Department Investigator Jerry Waller said the fire has been designated an arson and that people are being questioned in connection with the incident.

He said there appeared to have been some kind of an accelerant - possibly gasoline - which had been spread in the lower floor of the club.

The bottom floor of the club had been used as a bar for a number of years.

Fire Marshal Mel Angel said the blaze gutted the building so badly that it could not be rebuilt.

Damage was set at $80,000, he said.

Thursday, May 12, 1977 - Santa Cruz Sentinel

Lompico Club Arson Arrests Are Expected

Arrests are expected soon in the arson of the Lompico Club, which burned to the ground recently.

A sheriff's detective said investigation into the case is winding down and arrests are expected.

The $80,000 fire was ruled an arson after a fire accelerant was found spread in the ground floor of the building.

The club was a central meeting spot for the Lompico area for many years.

In recent times there had been plans to renovate the structure after the county fire marshal closed it as a fire hazard.