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Community of Lompico is founded

Once logging was over, the Rancho Zayante area was subdivided into what is today, Lompico, Zayante and Olympia. Lompico was officially founded in 1927. The San Francisco Chronicle had a promotion in which every new subscriber would then receive one free plot of land in Lompico. Although not that many were actually given away, it did bring many potential homeowners to the area. In the early days of Lompico (1920's - 1940's) Lompico was an attractive cooler region, which brought many tourists to get away from the Southern California heat. Lompico entertained the visitors with its own brass band. There were many evening concerts in Lompico Park to also entice potential buyers. Up until the 1950's Lompico was mainly a vacation spot, where children could play in freshwater pools and the parents could enjoy the offerings from the Lompico Club House. The community consisted mostly of cabin homes for summer residents. With the 1960's came the hippies and also came the community's two most famous residents. Jerry Garcia and Janis Joplin. Jerry's grandparents live here, and he was a common visitor. Janis once inhabited an old lodge on the Islandia property.